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Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Common Thread Among the Liberals

Donna Ron might be considered the Juanita Broaddrick of William Ayres. If you remember, Bill Clinton had a history of sexually imposing himself on women, of which Ms. Broaddrick was one.
She recounted being raped by Bill Clinton to the press many years after the fact.

Donna Ron has a similar story concerning her interaction with William Ayres, a significant Obama supporter, and former terrorist of the Weather Underground, who publicly remained unrepentant as late as 2001. One wonders if Ayers would recognize his ill treatment of Ms. Ron to be a crime, nor see anything wrong with having sex with a woman, and later imprisoning her in his apartment in order to force her to have sex with his roomate and his brother.

An understanding is developing that while these behaviors are considered heinous among the conservatives, they are expected as routine among the liberals.


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