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Friday, September 19, 2008

Gang Rape, the New Crucifixion for Prolife Feminists

Adding evidence to the theory that child abuse creates liberals, Sandra Bernhard, in her performance at Theater J, spews extreme venom at Sarah Palin.
Apparently she's found Palin's religious adherence to be extremely offensive. She calls Palin a whore, bitch and turncoat, (most likely for letting those two babies live, and for opposing such killing).

It's a new day. Berhhard expects that her Black brothers in Manhattin would gang rape the VP candidate. No, she didn't say "brothers", she said "Black brothers", as though they are the ones to handle such a job. (Why any Blacks have been supporting the liberals who hold them in such contempt is beyond me.)

Should people who think like that be running the country? After you read the liberal media raving about Bernhards rage filled performance, you'll understand this question.

The culture wars are alive and well. Bill Clinton's observation that people will opt to live among others who think like themselves is correct, and it is obviously becoming necessary.


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