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Monday, September 8, 2008

Planned parenthood covers up more abuse

This time it's a 13 year old, California girl who received unwanted sperm donations from her stepfather for many months. He impregnated her, obtained an abortion for her, and continued molesting her.
This was finally halted when the mother found documents pertaining to the abortion.

When reading these court documents you'll wonder if the girl's mother was completely comatose during all these proceedings. But at least she promptly did something about it when she discovered the abuse.

On the other hand, Planned Parenthood is so accustomed to handling business like this, that the pregnancy of the 13 year old didn't raise an eyebrow. The same apparently goes for San Francisco general hospital, at which the abortion actually took place, persuant to the Planned Parenthood referral.

There are some Activists who would like to pass laws regulating such providers of medical services who exempt themselves from the duty of reporting suspected abuse of minors. It seems that even Arnold Schwarzenegger is behind the proposition 4 issue in the state of California. I think this legislation might help in many cases, but not in the one mentioned here, since the stepfather was the one obtaining the abortion services for his victim.

It is the intention of Obama, who is closely allied with Planned Parenthood, that the kinds of health care providers mentioned in this case, will be the only ones remaining.

For girls, the U.S. might become a cross between Thailand and China. That's an unpleasant thought.


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