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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jessie Jackson foot in mouth disease

The Rev. Jessie Jackson has topped his ancient "hymietown" verbal gaffe.
I feel a song about this coming on........

You tube brings you Jackson himself, saying that he'd like to castrate Obama.
Seems he took personal Affront at Obama's father's day speech, which admonished men to remain with their families and support their children.

In stark contrast to Rev. Jackson, Pastor James David Manning recognizes this trouble (much of it fueled by government incentives) that 68 percent of Black guys are leaving their children behind, and failing to pay child support. In stark contrast to Jeremiah Wright, Pastor Manning prays for Black people to raise themselves up, reject the government intervention, and be a blessing to America. That's talking people UP, not talking down to them.

In 180 degree opposition to white liberals, Pastor Manning recognizes that Black people can take care of themselves, and don't need the government for that.

A person with humility will go to his church, and accept being preached at for his faults, because it makes him behave better. Sometimes the preaching makes him mad, but he keeps going, because he wants to improve himself. He recognizes his imperfections and accepts correction.

Jackson has displayed a glaring ego defect. This is a personal issue. He can't accept criticism or correction.


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