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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stealing Milk

Alright, this is weird cuisine.

I don't have trouble with the free market, but a chef in Switzerland is supposedly offering a measly 6 bucks per pint of human breast milk to use in his cooking. He's trying to buy liquid gold for a little bit of nothing.

In the industrialized countries, that's a puny price for the milk. What lactating woman is going to run a pump for that price? Do you know how much it costs to rent an electric pump? The thought of using a manual pump makes that 6 bucks look even more ridiculous.

A lot of moms whose babies tragically don't survive, donate their breast milk to hospitals to feed the kids still hanging on. I can certainly understand taking the time to do that, rather than selling cheap to that chef.

For you girls who have enough for the chef and your kid... that cheap cook gets the fore milk and your kid gets the hind milk. Save the cream for your baby.


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