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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Was She Wearing a Thong?

According to this Fox News Story, that's the question of the day.

We have the story of an irate mom attending a school board seminar addressing the topic of bullying. Someone at the middle school had pulled down her daughters sweat pants exposing her undies in front of other students. The mother was angry that this pervasive issue of "pantsing" at the school was not being given significant attention.

During the meeting the Superintendent Joseph Longo is said to have asked the mom if her daughter was wearing a thong.

Understandably, she became irate at the meeding, and after the meeting cussed at the school principal, Mr. Edward Bocar in the hallway.

If you think it was understandable for the mother to respond in anger to the situation and that question from the superintendent, and that she should not be facing criminal charges for cussing, you might wish to politely tell Mr. Luongo what you think of his rather strange question, and the issue of the mother being punished for an understandable reaction.

Notice that if you visit the Hasbrouck Heights middle school web page, you need a password to see the staff email addresses. But check out that front page full of vaccine info, because they're still trying to push that human papilloma virus vaccine to their underage girls.

Not to worry, an email addy was still able to be found:
HASBROUCK HEIGHTS BORO Joseph Luongo Superintendent
as were the phone numbers and address of the middle school.
so here you go:
Hasbrouck Heights Middle School
365 Boulevard
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604
(201) 393-8190
And Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Joseph C. Luongo's numbers are
tel: 201-393-8145, and fax: 201-288-0289

Please be Nice and Easygoing as you tell the good superintendent that the charges against this mom are over the top, as was that intrusive question about the thong.

More details here:

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