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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Palin's Church Burned by Arsonist

An estimated 1 million dollars of damage was done to the Wasilla Bible Church by an arsonist on Friday night (Dec 12). A small group of people were inside during the attack, but all escaped without injury.

Pastor Larry Kroon would not comment concerning any possible threats, however the congregation has received an expression of regret from Sarah Palin concerning the possibility that negative media coverage stemming from her campaign might have brought on the attack.

Check here for a slide show of the church.

This article seems to draw an association between the attack on Palin's church and the political incorrectness of suggesting that homosexuality is a painful condition that possibly can be alleviated through faith based means.

We should anticipate more of this. In the current climate of intolerance for religion, it is expected that churches will be burned with relative impunity.


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