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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gov. Rod Blagojevich is going DOWN!!!

I do remember predicting lawsuits for Rod Blagojevich due to his very strong stand against the conscience rights of medical professionals. Many of those lawsuits are still in progress, and I suppose that the Governor will have plenty of time to spend with the good attorneys, giving depositions relevant to these cases, while he's in prison. Perhaps in the coming years, the visits from these lawyers will allow him to recall formerly having authority and words that people wanted to hear.

On to the reasons for Blagojevich circling the drain:
In a nutshell, the Feds have him for conspiring to SELL OBAMA's Senate Seat!!! Yessir! A federal judge had been given reason enough to allow FBI wiretapping of the Governors dealings, and this effort yielded bountiful incriminating evidence directly implicating the governor in attempting to obtain financial gain from his authority to choose the next senator from Illinois.

In addition, there have been illegal maneuverings against the Tribune company, (threat to block financial backing which would allow the company to 'sell' the Cubs and Wrigley field) in an attempt to alter the Tribune's editorial board. The 'financial backing' was sort of a scheme with the Illinois Finance Authority to save the struggling Tribune Corporation a good deal of tax expenditures. Blagojevich wished to tie the state assistance to an agreement from the Tribune to fire editors who had been critical of him.

Back to the predictions department. Rezko has to be singing for reduced time in the slammer.
(There has been a Grand Jury subpoena served up to the Mutual bank concerning Obama's land deal with Rezko.)

Now Blagojevich will sing. Many of these songs will be about Obama, another member of the Chicago Cartel, otherwise thought of as government in the state of Illinois. I believe that Obama will be the next Democrat presidential Impeachment, if the courts do not disqualify him for failure to prove himself a natural born citizen of the U.S.


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