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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


If any of you oldsters thought that Lt. Commander Data of Star Trek the Next Generation was weird....... Le Trung, of Canada has his very own robotic girlfriend named Aiko. He thinks she's the perfect woman. She never complains and she works almost 24 hours a day. Aiko is Le Trung's very own invention. This guy started early, designing his first robot at age 8. His latest model, is fairly life-like, touch sensitive, with an extensive vocabulary and ability to keep books.

By the way, the name Aiko means love, with the diminutive "child" ending that you see attached to a lot of female Japanese names. This robot is a love machine, though her inventor did not design her for sex. If you touch her the wrong way, she'll slap you.

Apparently Aiko doesn't fool around.


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