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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

South Korean Obstetrician ends abortion practice

Dr. Shim Sang-Duk  used to perform  similar numbers of abortions and deliveries in his practice, in South Korea, which has one of the lowest fertility rates (1.19 live births per couple).  The physician initially became numbed by abortion, but eventually came to despise himself.   Gradually he began trying to persuade his patients against abortion, and finally ceased performing the operations altogether.  He has since formed an alliance with other physicians,  ~ 30 of which have ceased aborting, along with hundreds of supporters who are at perhaps some earlier  phase of development.
While there is considerable opposition to the physicians who won't abort, as well as loss of patient base, there are no legal hurdles for those who cease the practice in the nation where abortions remain technically illegal.
LA Times John M Glionna writes:

Dressed in his white lab coat, the bespectacled Shim embodies a new public consciousness against abortion.
In the lobby of his Ion clinic, a sign explains his new philosophy. "Abortions, which abandon the valuable life of a fetus, are the very misery for the nation and society as well as pregnant women, families and ob-gyn doctors," it reads.

For years, Shim rarely, if ever, even used the word "abortion." Rather, he said, he sought to "erase" or "prevent" the fetus.

"I bought into the government's argument that it was OK to do this," he said. "It was good for the country. It boosted the economy."

Still, Shim was often baffled by his patients' behavior: After receiving their abortions, he said, most women cried.

"Many patients cry when they give birth," he said, "but these were a different kind of tears."

Observing the introspective style of presenting abortion, found much more often in this years' news output, this blogger wonders if the media is beginning a phase of reinventing itself to address the changing culture.

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