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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Problem Was with Putting the Baby's Corpse Under The Christmas Tree

Strange but true........ the main social difficulty that our pro abortion law recognizes is that the corpse was placed under the Christmas Tree.  Throwing similar bodies in a dumpster, generally will not result in significant penalty, as those in the abortion industry are well aware.

Very briefly,  Ruby Lee Medina induced an abortion-by-early-delivery of her baby at 7 months gestation, using misoprostil  (a drug sometimes used in medical abortions following mifepristone or methotrexate).   Sometime during or after this procedure, the baby died, and the corpse was cleaned and placed under the Christmas tree at the abode shared with her significant other, Javier Gonzalez.

If early induction abortion is carried out in this manner at hospitals,  there is no legal problem so long as the baby is born dead.   If the baby is born alive, a law (rarely enforced) is in place to ensure that the infant is given care, and not killed or left to die of exposure. 

The Illinois version of the above mentioned federal law was vehemently opposed by the current commander in chief,  Barack Hussein Obama. 

In other words,   inducing an early delivery of a baby at late term, and leaving him or her to die is OK with Obama, and he might only have difficulty with the sanitary practices concerning temporary storage of the body under the Christmas tree.   Or he might have difficulty with calling a Christmas tree by that name.

Again, killing a late term baby shortly before, during or shortly after birth is OK by Obama.   So, if you voted for this monster,  let your hearts not be troubled, but perhaps write to object to any legal penalties for the couple who killed their baby at their home.

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