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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If the first salvo didn't nauseate you enough

Heeeere's Fistgate II.  

Apparently Tufts University., a year after Fistgate One,    saw fit to host  high school students again, that they might receive more instruction on fisting, with the distribution of special kits usable for that practice or for constructing a mouth dam, in case they'd like to orally engage that same anatomical area.

Recall that the Fistgate presentations are brought to you by GLSEN,  Kevin Jennings; organization..

One might, by inference assume that since Jennings is considered a 'safe schools czar'  Obama, his boss, considers the GLSEN progams to be safe and appropriate for your children.

While the Duke University Health Center administration  finds it important to tell the students how to have anal intercourse properly  (as if this were possible) there is a caution AGAINST the  fisting  practices which GLSEN touted to the Massachusetts high school students. 

No plunges are  barred at Tufts, which has been excluded from consideration as an institution of higher learning for the progeny of Pharmer.

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