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Monday, December 7, 2009

Kevin Jennings and "Fistgate" (contains potentially objectionable material)

Remember Kevin Jennings, Obama's safe schools czar?   He's under fire now for promoting explicitly sick books for schoolkids to read.  Specifically it  is GLSEN, the organization Jennings founded and led,  which has done this work, and another organization called Mass Resistance has sunk it's teeth into GLSEN and Jennings, and will not let go.

The latest is a taped presentation by GLSEN to 14 year old kids, which includes a description of the process of fisting, an activity which is physically a bad idea for anyone, regardless of age.

Pharmer recommends to any people to whom This presentation is given, that they ask the presenters if they feel that this a significant cause of observed lower gastrointestinal disease, rectal tearing and fecal incontinence.  Also ask if Obama-care resources would be sufficient to deal with these troubles.

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