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Sunday, November 8, 2009

House narrowly passes Obama-care bill

Pelosi sneaks it in on Saturday. Natural selection of abortion plus government funded health care will selectively reduce the population of liberals, if obamacare is not reversed after the 2010 election. It will take about 25 years for a reversal if there is no success in 2010.

The Stupak amendment is not a victory, as it will not be agreed upon by the Senate, which is less accountable to the people than the House.

Obamacare will contain abortion coercion with or without the Stupak amendment, as babies with untoward fetal diagnosis will be denied health care coverage if allowed to live. Possibly mothers who allow such childen to be born will also be denied coverage for future needs.

Reduced coverage will result from inefficient use of tax dollars and attrition from the ranks of health care workers.

My Way News - House narrowly passes landmark health care bill

If you have good health, pray to God that it continues.


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