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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maureen O'Dowd Can't Figure Out Who to Hate!


For your convenience and reading pleasure, these links are assembled:  
Maureen O'Dowd whining about the Catholic Church's Division of Labor Choices,  
the response by the Archbishop of New York in his Blog, since the NYT wouldn't print it, and
coverage of this by the New York Post.

Pharmer is CERTAIN that the NYT and Maureen prefer the way that Muslims handle their sex based Division of Labor concepts, and is always highly amused at liberals railing against sexism in the Catholic Church.

As always you'll see the tired whining, bringing up some childhood fear issue, and, BLAMING THE ETHICAL SYSTEM FOR FAILURES OF THE ADHERENTS. The latter is the illogic presented by all who perceive some personal injury at the hands of a fallible human with religious affiliation. This propensity towards lifelong manifestation of psychological damage is one reason for stiff Biblical penalty for those who abuse or corrupt a child.

A very brief  presentation of the basis for Catholic style, sex-based division of labor concepts follows:

The male and female roles, marriage, and relationship of Christ and the Church are all intertwined. Guys got the 'lead role' since Jesus was a guy, and that was the culture. His lead role included Duties such as serving up food for crowds, washing feet, and dying for his BRIDE, the Church. (Will a single leftie get this???). That is the Catholic model for what the Head Guy gets to do. Those who succeed get canonized as saints and have to work as intercessaries after they are dead. Work Work Work. The female role is modeled by Mother of the Church = Mary, who has higher status and regard than any other earthly female. Her role was submission to God's will, and her earthly years were spent doing a traditional female job. She remains a huge authority figure for vast cultures  Catholic adherents  and devotion to her as a model drives the guys who honor and respect the wife and the mama.

Readers, please contemplate the lives of  modern day,  Giant Nuns (authority figures) such as Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Mother Angelica of EWTN. These women did not get their authority from trying to be like men.

Pharmer is not wrapped up in literalist adherence to minor details of the division of labor, and neither have been  the greatest authorities of the Church. Roles are not rigid. Jesus as an adult was known to take direction from his Mother.
From a historical standpoint, one can observe  that this particular division of labor left females in the highest social status of any preceding, or even any subsequently founded, culture.

All over the press these days  is the not so startling news that misguided western feminism has left women less happy overall, and Pharmer notes the lower  social status and lack of respect many endure.

Some Western women are being won over to Islam because of a promise of protection, and are willing to behave in extreme subservience for this. Islam has, for various reasons, (misogyny is one), become the new darling of the American Leftists.


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