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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bogus claim: H1N1 has killed 3,900 Americans: CDC | Reuters

The CDC, which previously claimed not to be counting H1N1 Influenza A cases is now claiming to know how many people have been killed by this particular virus, using their collection of non-specific tests and their as yet, unapproved tests for swine flu.
From April to October, they generate a number from 'nothingness' of3600. This is supposed to be an unprecedented number of flu deaths despite previous claims that an average of36 thousand people die per year of the seasonal flu.
H1N1 has killed 3,900 Americans: CDC | Reuters

Perhaps people are not expected to be able to understand this stuff, due to the state of science education in the U.S.

Those who should understand a bit more than average about the Flu continue to resist  the attempts to make vaccines mandatory for health care workers. 


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