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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nurse Sues Mt Sinai Hospital

Nurse Catherina Lorena Cenzon-DeCarlo, and the Alliance Defense fund are bringing suit against Mt Sinai Medical Center in New York for strong arming her into assisting with an elective abortion procedure.

Though her conscientous objection was known by the employer since 2004, Ms. DeCarlo was threatened with a charge of patient abandonment, loss of job, and loss of license for her objection to participating in an elective abortion. While there is pretense that the abortion was necessary for a woman diagnosed with preeclampsia, competent nurses realize that a baby does not have to be cut up and willfully killed when a premature delivery must take place to save the life of a mother.

From the apparent bad judgment in this case, and the inappropriate handling of this nurses conscientious objection it seems that the OB-Gyns of Mt. Sinai Hospital lack basic competency and respect for women. Patients might want to take this into consideration when choosing where to obtain obstetric services.

The lawsuit against Mt Sinai, for the violation of Nurse DeSalvo's human rights, and the apparent incompetence with which they handled this patient's case is, in Pharmer's opinion, well deserved.


Blogger OperationCounterstrike said...

Bad news: an EVIL blogger has THREATENED this nurse and PUBLISHED her home address and phone number!

Tell this Satan-sold pro-abort where to go! Leave comments here:


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