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Friday, December 26, 2008

Biofuel from LIPOSUCTIONS!

This is the ultimate in recycling. Dr. Craig Alan Bittner of Beverly Hills, CA wins first prize for fueling his car with biodiesel made from human fat.

The enterprising plastic surgeon had totally gone green by using the fat obtained from his patients to produce fuel. Unfortunately (and wouldn't it figure), California has a law against using human medical waste as fuel. Also, it appears that Dr. Bittner was a bit overenthusiastic in removing adipose tissue from some patients, leaving them unsatisfied with results, which were deemed physically disfiguring.

So, while it took many years to close down the abortion facilities of the non licensed practitioner, Bertha Bugarin, the action against Dr. Bittner proceeded much more quickly, and it seems that he has exited the country.


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