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Friday, May 16, 2008

Sex Fairy who turned in Bernie Ward for Child Porn

Meet the lady who turned Bernie Ward in for sending child porn on the internet. It seems, from this I Team interview, that the woman, Linda Figueiredo was doing weird sex chat with an anonymous guy, and called police because he sent child porn to her.
The police then asked her to continue chat with the perpetrator for awhile, so that they could collect evidence. She didn't realize that her chat partner was the illustrious liberal talk show host, Bernie Ward.
If you decide to follow this link, realize that the interview describes disgusting stuff, but it's not extremely graphic. You'll wonder why his employer merely says that Ward is "fired for now". Maybe this behavior is widespread in Mr. Ward's social and business milieu.
Hats off to Ms. Figueiredo for making the effort to catch a perv, at significant personal cost, as she was requested by law enforcement to continue chatting with Ward long after it nauseated her to do so.


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