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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Indians say Americans need a Diet

That's the alternate solution to Americans complaining about the food prices going up. Indians say Americans need to quit eating so much .

Americans pork down 3770 calories per capita per day compared to Indians at 2440.
That explains two things -- why Americans are fat, overall, and why Indians who come to America tend to get really large if they take on the U.S. diet. A lot of immigrants really get fat quickly in America, because their metabolisms are set slower, due to their lower calorie diets.

I'm thinking of the many hospitalists and residents with whom I work, who are imported from India and various other places. The drug reps keep health care workers really porkie with all the free food.

So, maybe you're wondering if I have any room to talk. Not in my size 10s. When they get tight, I have to go on a diet (each year). Sometimes I ponder sufficiently depriving myself to obtain size 8 again. But I'd have to give up BEER entirely-- a considerable sacrifice for this ol fart.


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