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Monday, May 26, 2008

Physician' Careers Halted by Sex Abuse Convictions — A media sensation has been generated by news of sexually abusive clergymen. The significant problem of abusive physicians has produced not even a ripple. Rashid Sandhu faces 8 years for his offenses in the U.K. Linked to this story are several more cases of note among those practicing the specialty of abortion.

Sandhu himself is convicted of molesting a thirteen year old patient, and 17 charges related to child pornography.

Just a side comment from your blogger. Some people think that abortion is a solution for rape.

Note that most sex offenders do not have ready access to anaesthetic , sedative, or hypnotic pharmacological substances as this class of physicians does. This has been a significant social problem for a long time, and your mainstream media exhibits little interest in it.

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